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Custom made stainless steel

We use state-of-the-art technology and precision engineering to create stunning, customized stainless steel products that meet the needs of our clients. Our manufacturing process includes a wide variety of advanced techniques, including laser cutting, welding, and bending, to produce unique products.

Project Management

Our project managers provide on-site expertise before and during the installation process. Our project coordinators assist them in the ordering and consolidation process, so a team member knowledgeable about your project is readily available. We take ownership of the entire scope of the project.

Spare Parts

The foremost priority of Italian Concept is to ensure your peace of mind. Our spare parts division maintains an extensive inventory of vital kitchen equipment spares. With a comprehensive understanding of the vital role that such equipment plays in a bustling kitchen environment.

Installation & Training

Our company is dedicated to delivering excellent customer service, and we ensure that our installation teams are well-trained to provide the proper assistance needed to meet our clients' requirements.

Kitchen Equipment Distribution

Our company is dedicated to supplying our customers with the leading brands in professional kitchen equipment. We understand that expertise, quality, and credibility are essential factors that our clients consider.

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Italian Concept is a professional kitchen equipment supplier based in Dubai, providing a comprehensive turnkey kitchen solution to cater to the diverse needs of the industry in the Middle East and abroad. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, we specialize in custom-made designs. Our commitment to excellence is rooted in the 40 years of experience of our sister company in Italy. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations, maintaining high standards.

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